MF Flues is a company in São Paulo, Brazil, specializing in Laser Engraving and Dot Peen Marking.
The project included logo refresh, website redesign, social media templates, SEO and Google Ads Management.

Their logo needed an update with the challenge of keeping the same concept. I used bolder and straighter lines, changed the tagline’s font to a sans-serif with more readability, and swapped the marking symbol to something that would look more like a laser beam.
Colors were also updated to a dark blue as the main color and light blue as secondary, for contrast.


UX Research
Website Redesign
Social Media Templates


Graphic Design

Logo Redesign

Website Redesign

To revamp their website, I conducted in-depth interviews with the owners and key employees during my visit to the company’s headquarters. Equipped with insights from a UI/UX course, I delved deep into understanding MF Flues and its operations.

This family-owned business boasts over 24 years of industry experience, specializing in laser engraving machines and dot peen marking machines. Their offerings extend beyond products, encompassing engraving and marking services for diverse objects in both B2B and B2C sectors. Additionally, they provide technical assistance and craft personalized machinery tailored to specific requirements.

Before my intervention in their branding and marketing strategies, their online engagement was limited, yielding only one to three leads from website forms, coupled with sporadic calls and WhatsApp messages. My role involved a comprehensive analysis of their digital footprint, leading to a website redesign aimed at enhancing user experience. My objective was to ensure the revamped site accurately reflected MF Flues’ offerings while optimizing user engagement and understanding.

Before & After

Before the revamp, any person that didn’t know what MF Flues sells would not have guessed laser engraving. I made sure to have their featured machines as the first content after their logo and tagline laser animation.

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